Light Holistics.

Reiki treatments use universal energy fields to help you connect with your healing energy and life force. This energy work can help you heal, help your medications work better within your system, help your body heal! Your cells are always dying and your body is creating new cells. Reiki can help your body renew itself with optimal cells! Check out this link for some more information on cell renewal.

This Japanese System of energy healing is open to all.   Reiki can also help with pain management (chronic pain, cancer, acute), physical health, emeotional well being and even spiritual health.

Reki sessions

Phone Consultation

Intake and first reiki session

Adult Reiki session

Childrens Reiki session

Infant solo session 

Level 1 Reiki training,  for people who would like to self treat and/or have a greater understanding of reiki.  Usui Reiki Level I



$75(Usually 1.5 hours)

$60 (hour session) $45 (half hour)

$35 (half hour)



Reflex Holistics

Reflexology is the study of reflexes. The therapy based on the way reflexes map to other parts of the body using Sen Lines (energy lines).  Reflexology stimulates the parasympathetic system and encourages healing I uses a specific Thai foot massage technique and build a treatment plan just for you!

This treatment can help with: Anxiety and depression, headache and migraine, digestive issues, asthma, reproductive health and so much more.

Reflexology Treatments

Intake and first session

Tune-up reflexology treatment (20 minutes)

Full session (hour)

Thai foot and leg massage (30 minutes)


$65 ( 1.5 hours)




The RestoreActive Treatment

This specialized treatment is an individual experience.  While it was structured originally to treat anxiety it can help with so much more.  RestoreActive combines energy work, reflexology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help people who want to compliment current therapies or having a hard time finding something that is working for them.  This treatments is completely holistic taking your mental health, physical wellbeing and energy in to account to help YOU!   Treatment plan often involve home work with movement and mindfulness as the focus. 

Consultation to learn more

RestoreActive intake

Single sessions

Full Program 


$90 (includes first session)


$230 (Intake and 3 sessions) 

$375 (Intake and 5 sessions)

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